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10 Best Upcoming Anime Releasing in January 2023

With the successful conclusion of the Fall anime season, which included awaited anime series like Chainsaw Man, Mob Psycho 100 III and Spy x Family Part 2, we now wait for the new anime series to begin. The Winter anime season of 2023 (which starts in January) promises to be a thrilling one, with a lineup packed full of highly anticipated sequels.

With over 50 anime series set to debut in January 2023, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to watch. Here are 10 highly-anticipated anime that you won’t want to miss:

1. Vinland Saga Season 2

“Vinland Saga” is most likely the most hyped anime of this season. It underwent many complications because of its studio change, but we will now get what we have been waiting for after two years! Although the new season includes some slow-pacing arcs, the author of the series confirmed that Season 2 would not change anything from the manga.

“Vinland Saga” follows the story of Thorfinn, who grew up listening to fantastical tales about a continent far away in the west while sitting at the legendary Leif Ericson’s feet. An ambush by mercenaries, however, crushed his impressionable fantasies. Thorfinn, raised by the Vikings who killed his family, developed into a formidable warrior who was sworn to kill the band’s commander Askeladd to get revenge on his father. Thorfinn’s pride in his family and his visions of a prosperous westward land—the land Leif christened Vinland—keep him going during his experience.

  • Release Date: 10 January
  • Animation Studio: MAPPA
  • Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes

2. Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4

Fans of “Bungou Stray Dogs” are thrilled to hear that the anime is returning after a nearly two-year absence. The voice actor Mamoru Miyano, known for his role as Light in “Death Note,” will reprise his role as the protagonist Osamu Dazai in the new season, which fans are eagerly anticipating.

“Bungou Stray Dogs” follows the story of Nakajima Atsushi, an orphan who finds himself homeless and hungry after being kicked out of the orphanage. As he wanders the streets, he comes across two men: one attempting to drown himself in broad daylight, and the other seemingly ignoring him as he looks through a notebook. When Nakajima approaches them, he learns that they are members of the Armed Detective Agency, investigating a case involving a man-eating tiger. With nothing else to do, Nakajima joins them in their investigation.

  • Release Date: 4 January
  • Animation Studio: BONES
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

3. NieR:Automata Ver. 1.1a

Like “Chainsaw Man,” the anime adaptation of “NieR: Automata Ver. 1.1a” has generated a lot of buzz and anticipation among fans. Based on the popular game of the same name, this anime features an all-star cast of voice actors, including Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa from “Attack on Titan”) and Hanae Natsuki (Tanjiro from “Demon Slayer”).

“NieR: Automata” follows the journey of androids 2B, 9S and A2 as they fight to reclaim their dystopian world from the clutches of powerful machines. After humanity is driven from Earth by mechanical invaders from another world, a group of android soldiers is sent to defeat the enemy and take back the planet. This sets off a war between machines and androids, a conflict that may uncover long-hidden secrets about the world. The anime follows the androids as they navigate this dangerous and uncertain landscape in an effort to save humanity and uncover the truth.

  • Release Date: 8 January
  • Animation Studio: A-1 Pictures
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

4. The Misfit of Demon King Academy Ⅱ (Season 2)

“The Misfit of Demon King Academy” started with a pretty strange episode 1, where the protagonist defeated his opponents with only the sound of his heartbeat. As the season returns this January, fans can expect to see more of Anos’s overpowered abilities on display. The voice actor of this anime, Anos Voldigod, suffered the same fate as Draken, from Tokyo Revengers, so he won’t be part of the new series.

“The Misfit of Demon King Academy” takes place in the world of demons. It follows the story of “Anos,” a reincarnated demon king who starts speaking immediately after birth. He is as big as a high school boy at the age of 1 month, and when he goes to school, he is even stronger than his teachers and seniors. His only aim is to find the hero who died with him and must have reincarnated.

  • Release date: 8 January
  • Animation Studio: Silver Link
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

5. BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense. Season 2

“BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense” was a hit in its first season, offering a refreshing twist on the isekai genre. Despite some delays in the release of the new season, fans can finally look forward to its return. Based on a light novel with the same name, “BOFURI” features a talented cast of voice actors, including Saori Hayami (Yor from “Spy x Family”).

In “BOFURI”, Kaeda is a high school girl who is hesitant to play a VRMMO game but decides to give it a try at the urging of her friend. Once in the game, Kaeda becomes determined to upgrade her defense stats as much as possible, as she is fearful of being hurt. However, as she maxes out her defense, she becomes practically invulnerable, making her an unstoppable force in the game.

As Kaeda’s defensive capabilities reach unparalleled levels, she sets new records and attracts the attention of other players. But will her overwhelming defenses be a blessing or a curse in the virtual world? Find out on January 11.

  • Release Date: 11 January
  • Animation Studio: Silver Link.
  • Number of Episodes: 12 Episodes

6. Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack (Season 2)

“Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro” was a hit in its first season, despite facing some controversy surrounding the casting of its English voice actress. As the series returns for a new season, fans are eager to see what further developments will unfold in the dynamic between Nagatoro and Naoto, also known as “Senpai.”

In “Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro,” we are introduced to Naoto, an introverted young man who spends his days studying in the library. One day, he meets a group of mischievous girls, led by Nagatoro, who enjoy teasing and tormenting him. At first, Nagatoro’s antics are purely playful, but as she spends more time with Naoto, she begins to develop feelings for him. This newfound emotion causes Nagatoro to behave in unexpected ways as she tries to find her place in their relationship.

  • Release Date: 8 January
  • Animation Studio: OLM
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

7. Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Season 4 Part 2

“Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”, also known as “DanMachi”, is an action-packed isekai series that has gained a devoted following since its first season and now 2nd part of season 4 will be released. Isekai series usually don’t get this many seasons, which shows how loved this anime is.

Set in the fantasy world of Orario, the story follows Bell Cranel, a young adventurer who sets out to explore the Dungeon, a treacherous underground labyrinth filled with deadly monsters. As he braves the dangers of the Dungeon, Bell also has a secret goal: to win the hearts of the girls he meets along the way.

Based on the light novel of the same title, the series features many famous voice actors like Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (Kirito from Sword Art Online), Hayami Saori (Yor from Spy x Family), Maaya Uchida (Rika from Love, Chuunibyou and other delusions!) and many more!

  • Release Date: 5 January
  • Animation Studio: J. C. Staff
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

8. Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc (Season 2)

“Tokyo Revengers” was a highly anticipated anime series that generated a lot of buzz when it first premiered. However, after the first season wrapped up, the manga series came to a controversial end and the hype around the show began to die down. To add to the drama, the voice actor for Draken, Takemichi, was replaced due to a family issue. Despite these setbacks, fans are still eagerly anticipating the release of the second season to see how the story will unfold.

In “Tokyo Revengers,” Takemichi is a 26-year-old man who has made a series of poor decisions in his life and is now working at a bookshop. One day, he learns that his high school girlfriend, Hinata, has been murdered by the notorious Tokyo Manji Gang. Desperate to save her, he rushes to the train station, only to be pushed in front of an oncoming train.

Miraculously, he wakes up to find himself transported back in time to when he was a teenager. With the help of Hinata’s brother, a police officer, Takemichi is able to travel back and forth through time as he tries to prevent her murder and ensure that she lives a long and happy life. But will his actions in the past have unintended consequences in the present? Can he truly change the course of history and save the one he loves?

  • Release Date: 8 January
  • Animation Studio: LIDENFILMS
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

9. Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill

“Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill” is an exciting new addition to the isekai-fantasy genre, brought to life by the talented team at MAPPA, a well-known animation studio. This anime marks the first time that MAPPA has tackled the isekai genre, and fans are eager to see if they can deliver on the same level as their previous works.

The story follows Mukoda Tsuyoshi, a humble salaryman who finds himself transported to a magical realm, where he discovers that he has been given a unique skill – “Online Shopping.” Initially, this skill seems completely useless, but when Mukoda realizes that it allows him to bring the delicious cuisine of his home world to the new world, he embarks on a journey to become the ultimate master chef.

As Mukoda navigates this strange new land and uses his absurd skill to cook up a storm, he faces a variety of challenges and meets a cast of intriguing characters. Will he be able to turn his passion for cooking into a successful career in this fantasy world? Find out on January 10th.

  • Release Date: 10 January
  • Animation Studio: MAPPA
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

10. Tomo-chan is a Girl!

“Tomo-chan is a Girl” is a fresh take on the romantic-comedy genre, featuring the story of Aizawa Tomo, a high school tomboy who confesses her love to her childhood friend, Jun. However, Jun has always thought of Tomo as a boy due to her masculine appearance, so it will be interesting to see how this confession plays out.

This anime is based on a manga of the same name written by Yanagida Fumita, and is animated by a studio known for producing popular slice-of-life anime such as “Release the Spyce” and “Yuri Yuri.” Will Tomo and Jun’s relationship be able to overcome this misunderstanding and blossom into something more? Tune in to find out!

  • Release Date: 5 January
  • Animation Studio: Lay-duce
  • Number of Episodes: 13 episodes

Are you excited about the upcoming Anime season? Did we miss any notable anime that will be released in January 2023? Let us know in the comments section. We at Anime Senpai would love to hear from you.

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