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New Isekai Series About 'Harem Mom' Has Netizens Excited and Curious

The theme of isekai has been used so widely in the anime, manga, and light novel industries that it has become a little stale for some readers. To keep their readers interested, writers have started to think outside the box by adding unique elements to the standard narrative of the main character reincarnating in a new world, defeating the bad guys, and getting the girl at the end. By doing so, they hoped to keep the genre fresh and exciting.

Netizens were surprised to learn about an upcoming manga series titled "Yuusha ni zenbu ubawareta ore wa yuusha no hahaoya to Party kumimashita" (Everything taken by my hero forms a party with the hero's mother), which is a direct adaptation of a light novel. As the title suggests, this manga follows the story of a hero who joins forces with the mothers of other heroes to form a party, but the plot twist is that this party is made up entirely of mothers. This unusual take on the isekai genre has definitely kept readers very interested and curious.


The main character of the series is a 42-year-old man who reincarnates into another world as a baby (the story takes place when he becomes a 14-year-old boy). In this new magical world, life expectancy is 50 years old, and girls older than 17 are considered old.

The MC's childhood friend then becomes the hero, and together they form a party. However, things take a turn for the worse when it is revealed that the hero is secretly involved with the girl the MC is dating. To cover up this affair, both the hero and the girl convince the other party members to expel the MC, citing his lack of strength as the reason. Despite knowing that he is the weakest member of the group, the MC cannot disagree and ends up leaving the party in shame.

While the hero's mother was removed by his father and replaced by a younger woman as she was deemed no longer desirable, the hero did not seem to care much about this situation as he was not particularly close to his mother. In order to take revenge against his former party, the hero decides to form a new group with the mothers of his former party members. In this magical world, people don't seem to care about the value or dignity of women over the age of 18, leading the main character to believe that forming a party with these women would be a satisfying act of revenge.

Where To Read

The manga series "Yuusha ni zenbu ubawareta ore wa yuusha no hahaoya to Party kumimashita" has not yet begun publication, and the light novels are relatively new to readers around the world, so it does not yet have an official English translation. However, there are several hundred fan-translated chapters available online for those interested in reading the series.

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