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Most Popular Social Media (SNS) Apps South Korean in 2023

Most Popular Social Media (SNS) South Korean in 2023

What is SNS?

SNS, short for Social Networking Service, is a term commonly used in South Korea to refer to "social media." Koreans often use the abbreviation "SNS (에스엔에스)" when discussing social media in general, without mentioning a specific platform.

Koreans are avid users of social media, ranking second in the world for social media usage. It provides an ideal platform for comparison, allowing everyone to present their lifestyles accurately.

When locals want to be more specific, they use shortened versions of the app names, such as "Insta (인스타)" for Instagram and "KaTalk (카톡)" for KakaoTalk. It's a trendy and convenient way to communicate. (●’◡’●) Super cool!

South Korea boasts a variety of popular Social Networking Service (SNS) apps that cater to different interests and preferences. Some of the well-known ones include:

1. KakaoTalk

This mobile messaging app has gained immense popularity due to its convenience and versatility. With over 50 million monthly active users, it goes beyond just messaging and offers an array of services like games, news, shopping, and more, making it an all-in-one platform.

2. KakaoStory

Complementing KakaoTalk, KakaoStory serves as a social network platform where users can share moments with their KakaoTalk friends. Much like Instagram or Facebook Stories, it allows users to share photos, videos, and personal stories with added customization options for a more personalized touch.

3. Cyworld

Once a dominant force in the South Korean social media landscape, Cyworld still holds nostalgic value for many. It operates as a microblog platform where users can create their own mini home page, known as "minihompy." The platform offers various personalization options like avatars, background music, and stickers, attracting a user base that mainly consists of older generations.


Targeting group communication, BAND is a popular app that enables users to create and join communities based on shared interests. Similar to WhatsApp or Telegram, it also provides additional features such as polls, calendars, albums, and boards, making it a comprehensive platform for community interactions.

5. Naver

In South Korea, Naver serves as the largest search engine and web portal. Beyond its search functionality, Naver provides an array of services like blogs, news, maps, shopping, and more. Comparable to Google or Yahoo, Naver stands out with its localization efforts, offering content and functions that cater specifically to South Korean users.

6. Line

Line (라인) is a mobile messenger introduced by LINE Corporation (previously known as Naver Japan) back in 2011. Unlike many other messenger apps at the time, Line allows users to sign up using an ID or their Facebook account without the need for a valid phone number. One of its standout features is the collection of adorable emoticon characters, which was a unique offering until KakaoTalk launched Kakao Friends, sparking a trend in cute emoticons.

In South Korea, KakaoTalk remains the dominant choice for most users as their primary messenger. However, Line also enjoys a substantial user base in the country, serving as a secondary messenger option. Beyond South Korea, Line's popularity is particularly prominent in three countries: Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, where it boasts a high number of active users.

7. Somoim

Are you eager to make meaningful connections or have a stroke of luck in South Korea? Whether you're seeking new friendships or companions to share your hobbies with, there's an app tailored just for you!

Somoim (소모임) is a unique platform designed for organizing offline club activities, brought to you by FriendsCube. The term "소모임" translates to "small group" or "meetup" in Korean, perfectly capturing the essence of the app.

With Somoim, you have the flexibility to create and manage your own small groups or clubs. You can host regular gatherings, known as "정모" or "jeong-mo," providing a chance for like-minded individuals to come together on a consistent basis. Additionally, for more spontaneous meetups, the app offers "번개" or "beongae," which translates to "lightning," indicating that these get-togethers can happen quickly and spontaneously.

So, whether you're interested in joining existing clubs or initiating your own, Somoim is the ideal companion to explore the vibrant world of offline social activities in South Korea. It's time to connect, create memories, and expand your social horizons!

With these diverse and engaging options, South Koreans have a vibrant social media landscape to connect, share, and stay informed on various aspects of their lives.

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